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Your hometown connection to Surry County and Pilot Mountain, NC

Welcome to MtPilot.com –

MtPilot.com is your hometown connection to Surry County and Pilot Mountain, NC

Nearly everyone remembers the “Andy Griffith Show” and the town of Mayberry. The show aired on CBS for 8 years beginning in 1960. It pictured an idyllic town set in rural North Carolina where, even if things went wrong, they always worked out. MtPilot was the slightly larger and more sophisticated town “just up the road a’piece” from Mayberry.

Yes, there actually is a town called Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. We live near the small mountain called Pilot Mountain, just down the road from Mount Airy, the birthplace and hometown of the actor Andy Griffith. By many accounts, Mount Airy was the source for the fictional town of Mayberry.

Thanks to “The Andy Griffith Show”, many folks think of Pilot Mountain (MtPilot) as a place synonymous with a common sense, down-home point of view that keeps us on the right track. That attitude is in keeping with the way folks around here have always felt about the Mountain.

In the early years of settlement here in NC, Pilot Mountain stood as a beacon above the surrounding countryside. It still looms over the rolling foothills leading up to the Blue Ridge Mountains. From any approach, it’s the dominant feature on the landscape.

Just like you, it was important for the early settlers to have a landmark they could use to plot their course safely home. If a weary traveler could just catch sight of Pilot Mountain, there was hope. By having that one known point, he could “reckon” his way home.

Now, life’s not so simple today, but we all still look for that common sense, down-home point of view as a beacon to provide direction in life.

Whether you are looking for that one recognizable landmark that helps you find your way, or just looking for a little reason in an unreasonable world, we can help.

I can’t promise an answer to all of life’s questions, but I’ll try to take a common sense point of view, grounded in the values I grew up appreciating right here in Surry County.

This site is and always will be a “Work-in-Progress” because life happens. Come back and see us again. Soon. 🙂

Good Luck, and welcome to MtPilot.

Wayne Stonestreet