About Us

This site is designed as a simple repository of easily accessed information for use by myself and my friends and acquaintances.

More importantly it’s a place I can voice my thoughts and opinions.

A few things you should know:

  • The name of the site derives from the fact that I live within sight of Pilot Mountain, in the foothills of North Carolina. Many of the natives of this area refer to Pilot Mountain as Mount Pilot. I shortened it to “mtpilot ” because it was simple, as all domain names should be.
  • This site has no affiliation with any particular group or organization, so any opinions expressed are mine, and since I have so many opinions, it seems only fair that I should share. 🙂
  • I’m am generally very conservative, both fiscally and ideologically.
  • You should also be aware that I assume no responsibility for information or links outside of this site. I have enough trouble policing what I do and say, and I have no desire to take responsibility for others.
  • I am careful about the links I put on my site. I try not to support people or sites who are opposed to my core beliefs. If someone wants to present an opposing view I encourage them to do so, somewhere else. That is one of the great benefits of living in a democratic society. We all have a right to express ourselves.

Please enjoy the site, feel free to use the links, and drop me a note if I can be of service or if you would like to share an insight.